L1 results

Thanks bud. I wonder how they come up with the MPS. They do have many different versions of the exam since the questions come from a pool. Once I’m done with the CAIA, I hope they push the pass rate to 30% ;-). I was tempted to write some comments, but I was pretty certain I passed and wanted to hit the road. I wonder how much weight those comments carry.

that’s something to ponder about. but we will never know… ditto on the pass rate. people might not think it’s fair, but we’re the ones taking a chance on a young designation! my comments probably didn’t do much. i just wanted to say something to vent cause it messed up my flow. now that i think about it…it was only 2 questions outside of LOS and that constitutes like 1%. bwahahaha. imagine if they took in my comments and update future level 1 exams. i’ve created an obstacle to our hope of a 30% pass rate…DOH~!!!

Below are the results of your CAIA Level I examination by the seven parts of the curriculum. Commodities and Managed Futures Greater than 70% Credit Derivatives Greater than 70% Hedge Funds Greater than 70% Private Equity Greater than 70% Professional Standards and Ethics Greater than 70% Quantitative Methods Greater than 70% Real Estate Greater than 70%

Maybe nobody fails this exam. The failure rate is just made up.

Maybe nobody fails this exam. Maybe the failure rate is just made up. Congratulations to all that passed anyway.

Someone in my study group failed.

I can imagine some overconfident people not studying and failing…there’s always an increasing handful.

Re: L1 results new Posted by: ditchdigger2CFA (IP Logged) [hide posts from this user] Date: April 14, 2009 03:04PM Someone in my study group failed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Did they not work or what?

Congrats to all. It seems like everyone here did very well on L1… The big question is which study notes did you all used? Did anyone only used the suggested reading books and was successful in L1? I am torn between Schweser and Uppermark.

used Schweser and it was fun. didn’t buy the textbooks. seems like most people use Uppermark from what i’ve been reading and they recommend that as well. I guess the most important thing is to put in the blood, sweat, and tears to pass the exam…

@Philip do you think for FRM …studying core readings of Hull ,Gujrati , Bruce Tuckman(covers close to 40% of the total readings) + schweser + Jorion + schweser practice exams is a good enough strategy ? or do I also need to add bionic turtle to my kitty ?

I used Schweser for CAIA level I and passed. I studied for about one and a half month full-time. Other than credit derivative’s score between 60% and 70%, I had all other parts scored above 70%. With level II, I will use Uppermark due to my prior experience with Schweser in FRM product. I did use Schweser for FRM but I also use other resources to pass the FRM exam. Schweser material tended to simplify quant concept without drilling into it. CAIA level II require much deeper understanding of greeks and derivatives comparable or even beyond FRM’s. (Just try to read the Convertible Arbitrage" book and you will get a sense) According to my research, Uppermark might not have this issue. I will use Uppermark for CAIA level II in addition to the curriculum materials.

Factor Hedge, It will all depend on the comfort level of your core readings and your quantitative background. The core readings tended to be long and difficult. Bionic Turtle helped me in many ways to clarify and master the quantitative concepts. With the cost of $399, it is not too expensive. It doesn’t offer mock exams or extensive sample questions, but the summary of lessons offered 5-8 questions just to reinforce and clarify concepts.

Great info all. I think I am going to stay with Schweser for CAIA-L1, as I have had good experiences thus far with CFA-L1. I did buy the textbooks for cross-referencing and for the read. Is uppermarks strength in how it presents quant?

Great info from all… Question, seeing that the majority here were successful in L1, would any one be willing to sell their L1 study notes and all for a discount, providing the Learning Objectives haven’t change much. Sept 2009 Level I

Hey good call Rayquan. This would be a good place to sell notes to any of you who just completed L1.

Rayquan, I Can sell it. They are almost brand new I bought early Feb 09. Are you interested?

@Phishwong, Rayquan has first dibs since he brought it up, but if he’s not interested we can strike something up.

@Factor Hedge I wonder if they aren’t opening FRM forum because of the slow activity on the CAIA forum? It’s been awhile since that link has been there, and FRM is starting to gain some serious steam. I wonder what the hold up is. Server space to expensive in the downturn?

cfacowtown, Sure. We can strike something. Bionic Turtle has a high traffic FRM forum. You can take a look. FRM Handbook 4th Edition. FRM 2008 Schweser Material. CFA Level III Stella/7City Review materials are also available.