Laptop suggestion/ parallels review

Step by step here:

HACKSZINE?! Anything on msdn?

seeing as Microsoft haven’t ever published the specification of NTFS and views interoperability as a threat to its monopoly, I’d imagine not! That leaves google and a bit of ingenuity. seems to be the place to get the latest info on it, although install macfuse/install ntfs3g seems pretty simple to me!

I’m going to try it (on my wife’s machine, hee-hee).

Don’t give her my name when you break it :wink:

  1. For your Macs you do need an XP license, which runs about $300 and then an Office license (don’t know how much). 2. You could get a Dell with Office and XP Pro from Dell’s sites (in order of preference)- auction - refurbished - I have had good experience with both sites. The machines are in excellent condition and usually the licenses are bundled with them so you get a great deal. I have found the D600 and D800 laptop series ( wireless card drivers have some issues) to be great. The GX600 desktops are good too.

>1. For your Macs you do need an XP license, Yes >which runs about $300 Not if you have an MSDN subscription :wink: >and then an Office license (don’t know how much). Ditto Of course, those MSDN licenses are for unlimited installs for development purposes only and it is very important to abide by the terms of the agreement.