Last fully wasted weekend!!

This is it! In exactly one week and 6 hours we will be back to a non-CFA studying life. My wife effectively sees me as a sort of inmate who will have difficulty coping with normal society upon his release. Watching movies, having friends over for dinner, working out…yep! will have to rehabilitate myself to the conventional form of existence.

looking forward to a normal life … haha

cant wait!!

Last week the weather here was perfect outside which made it harder to study, this week we’ve got rain most of the week so I am heading into prime study conditions. Hopefully get back into the sun after the exam and get my life back to normal

yea… too many weekends wasted…

Yeah, I can’t wait either!!! It would be even better if the exam goes well!!

Its going to be so wierd again, after level 1, I literally had to detox from the desire to study. Can’t wait! Beer, Burgers, and Whiskey will help!! I’m deffinately BBQ’in after the exam as long as the weather is nice!

Its so close yet sooo far away…unbelievable Never thought I’ll care about an exam this much. Would be a different life without L2 books.

Agreed, the wait is excruciating. I want to get it over with, asap.

Yeah, I’m balancing that line between I either want to take it right now or I need another two months… lol.



I prefer either to take it right now or have some break. I’ve just done Derivatives set, get an answer that was not one of the possible values and spend 15 min nervously revising option valuation with binominal tree only to realize a little later that I’ve calculated a value of a call option and the question asks me for put option. Yesterday I spilt coffee all over my BA II Plus and I was not even remotely worried. I need to take this exam asap.

Hang in there fellas - we’ll share hangover stories the morning after.

Haha that’s hysterical because I did that same exact thing last night (calced out a call instead of a put). Was it the one where the exercise price was 590 or whatever? Too funny.

Exactly the same :slight_smile:

Honestly, I feel pretty depressed about my current knowledge of level 2… I know I’ll probably repeat it. While I do look forward to the end of the exam, a part of me feels like I will just start studying again in July. I’ll take maybe 3 weeks off, then recreate my strategy and start getting ahead. I totally underestimated this exam =/

And I spilt coffee all over my PC and calculator!! What a weird sequence of events…