Level 2 June 2010

How are you guys going about ordering study material for Level 2? It’s a bit tight to wait for L1 results, which I am guessing won’t be out until late January at the earliest, before ordering Level 2 study material, no? I was planning to start studying in January - but I feel a bit strange to order L2 material before having even sat L1!!!

CFAI will not allow you to register for L2 and get CFAI L2 material, before they post L1 results. But there is no stopping you from buying Schwesser or Stalla material. It is good thinking on your part. Act based on your confidence level coming out from L1 exam and know that Jun 09 passing rate was 46%.

don’t remind me! 46% isn’t very confidence inspiring!

If you put in 300+ hrs of good reading, you should be okay. 46% is more inspiring than earlier years’ 33%. I was lucky to be in 46% group. Hopefully they will keep it similar this time again. Good Luck! and happy reading.