Level 3 Exam Candidates Who Didn’t Pass - Remember - FAIL = FIRST ATTEMPT AT LEARNING

For those of you who didn’t pass your CFA L3 Exam - remember this:

Fail = First Attempt in Learning. If you didn’t pass - shake it off, get focused, get ready to learn. If what you did, didn’t work - start again.

The LevelUp Problem Solving Workshops start next week, so get focused, get back on the horse. Tuesday, 5 pm, August 17th.

The Videos are online and ready to go, and the Fall BootCamps are all Virtual - so sign up and start again. Don’t waste time feeling defeated. Self-doubt is your worst enemy. This is a tough exam to pass.

I am here to get you over the finish line. Make it ONE&DONE for 2021 or 2022.

It can be unsettling and confusing to try to make sense of the LEVEL III CFA curriculum. Select LevelUp BootCamps, Videos and Problem Solving Workshops as your ONE&DONE partner in your pursuit of exam success. www.levelupbootcamps.com

I am here to get you across the finish line - email me at marc@levelupbootcamps.com and let’s get you back on track.

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