LIFO reserve article on Bloomberg

All about companies like Hershey and General Mills following suit on Dow’s decision to raise prices by as much as 20%. Seems their LIFO RESERVES are out of control. Whatta know, I used something I learned! LOL

Do you have the link?

How does a BP or Exxon Mobile treat their inventory? FIFO would be nuts nowadays

Interesting article, thanks for the link amber.

Thanks for your updated and useful article. It is very clear of financial reports that obey US GAAP principles and report LIFO reserve to reflect inflation in price. But as some region/countries has their principle that don’t require LIFO reserve report. It will be a tough work for analyst to make clear its financial report. I have a look at some of financial report of Vietnam listed companies but they haven’t reported LIFO reserve even they use FIFO or FIFO method of inventory.