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ASK-PRO, no? ASC-PRO, easy peasy lemon squeezy.


pimpineasy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > SkipE99 Wrote: > -------------------------------------------------- > ----- > > “COPS are into setting speed traps”= COPSAR > > > > COPSAR= traps > > > > Confirming > > Overconfidence > > Prudence > > Status Quo > > Anchoring > > Recallability > > > > Lol. CFAi lukes to link these terms with traps > > > thank you sir you and your mother have given us so > much! this on had me chuckling out loud

grinold model total return= D/P-deltaS+i+g+deltaP/E

of eq futures contracts to buy/sell = ((TargetBeta - PortfolioBeta)/FuturesBeta) * (Portfolio Value / FuturesValue*muliplier) # of bond futures contracts to buy/sell = yieldBeta * ((TargetDuration - PortfolioDuration)/FuturesDuration) * (Portfolio Value / FuturesValue*muliplier)

utility = Rp - .005*A*Port variance Tobins Q: MV Assets/Replacement costs Equity Q: MV Equity/ Net worth

I see a few people have posted the different attributions of Micro. I always get confused with whats what with these and when to use them. Anyone have a comprehensive list for these? Thanks.


Here goes the real bitch… Rv of charitable gift versus bequest: ((1+rg)^t + Toi X [1+re(1-tie)]^t X [1-te]) ______________________________ [1+re(1-tie)]^t X [1-te]

100% Work + 0% Play = Homer (something something)

In Rebalancing : CPPI, Stock in portfolio = m x (total portfoliio value - floor value) buy and hold, Total portfolio value = stock + bond (floor value) constant mix strategy, Stock = m x total porfolio In butterfly (call) : Profit :-c1+c2 + c3 -c4 + max(St-x1,0) - max(St-x2,0) - max(St-x3,0) + max(St-c4,0) Adjusting beta with synthetic position : (Beta target - Beta current porfolio) / Beta future * current portfolio value / future value

No. #: Integer n=(DDt-DDp)/DDf n=-DDp/DDf nS*1+nC*delta=0 n1*deltaC1+n2*deltaC2=0 n=[(bt-bp)/bf]*[Vp/(Pf*m)] n=yb*[(Dt-Dp)/Df]*[Vp/(Pf*m)] NP=[(MDt-MDp)/MDswap]*Vp — usually rounded in $. nUNrounded=Vp*(1+Rf)^t/(Pf*m) nPurchased=nRounded*m/(1+div)^t —usually rounded. n=-VP*(1+Rf)^T/Pf

( GIPS Real Estate) Capital Return = (V1-V0-EC+S)/CE Income Return =( Return-NRE-T-I)/CE V1 = Final Value of capital, V0 = initial value of capital, EC=Capital Expenditure, S= Sales Proceeds, NRE=Non Recoverable Expenses, T=Property taxes, I=Interest on Debt CE = Capital Employed Total Return = Income Return+Capital Return

modified Dietz b!tchez V1-Vo-CF/ ((Vo+CF(.5))

That’s not Modified Dietz , it is original Dietz ( i.e. used before Dec 31st 2005 ) Modified Dietz ( i.e. used after 2006 ) has weighted cash flow in denominator

wake2000 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > modified Dietz b!tchez > > V1-Vo-CF/ > ((Vo+CF(.5)) epic!

Values:$ HCj=sum[It/(1+r)^(t-j)] FV(noskipping)=PV*[(1+r)^n1*(1-t)]*[(1+r)^n2*(1-t)] FV(skipping)=PV*[(1+r)^N*(1-te)] V(Stock)=D1/(ke-g) DD=-D*P*0.01 DDp=sum(DDi) DDt=DDp+DDfut Int(repo)=loan*repo_rate*D/360 DDf=DDctd/cf OV=max[0, X-v] OV=max[0, (spread-X)*NP*rf] VT(credit spread forward)=(spread at maturity-contract spread)*NP*rf Settlement(commodity)=(fixed price-market price)*NP VAR=[Rp-z*sd]*Vp Vp*MDt=Vp*MDp+NP*MDswap, NP=? NetPayment(FloatingLoan+PayFixedSwap)=NP*(FS+loanSpread)*Dt/360 Payoff for Interest Rate Options => Calculate EAR(Effective Annual Rate).

deriv what the hell is that?

Tracking Error = Standard Deviation of the excess returns above or below the benchmark Information Ratio = (Port Return - Benchmark) / Tracking Error True Active return= Active return-Normal Portfolio Misfit Active Risk= Normal Portfolio - Investors Benchmark Total Active risk = [(True Active risk) + (Misfit active risk) True Infor Ratio= True Active return / True Active Risk Treynor Measure: (Return - RFR) ÷ beta (Treynor= Sharpe with beta as Denominator) M2 measure Uses Capital Markets Line Compares account return to market return Is a comparative measure (ie must be compared to other portfolios, like Sharpe) M2 = RFR + ([ Average Account return - RFR] / σport) X σmkt M2 = RFR + (Sharpe X SD of Market) M2 for the market always = Market Return

:D, To Do: Sharpe Ratio(R, σ) Effective/Equivalent Formulas: (Tecg, Rae, Tae, Tcredit, Tdeduction, Texempt, Effective β, EAR) It’ll nice to list items which need at least two steps to calculate, such as effective annual rate, swap credit risk,converting foreign cash receipts, and etc)