Look at this sh*t we have to deal with in San Francisco

"Man acquitted of sex with BART seat

If you miss BART during the strike, this might make you miss it a bit less: A man accused of trying to make love to a train seat was acquitted of felony indecent exposure and released from San Francisco jail Monday.

Leslie Bailey, 28, was arrested May 8 shortly after a BART train operator saw him on on his knees in the nearly empty first car, thrusting his pelvis against a seat next to the cab.

Bailey, who boarded the Dublin-Pleasanton train at the 16th Street Station, exited at Civic Center but returned to his paramour just before the doors closed, according to the San Francisco public defender’s office. The operator testified that she then saw him gyrating on his stomach, his feet in the aisle, before he flipped over and began masturbating and smoking crack cocaine."


Edit: Also:


Gotta hear both sides though…

So that’s what Blake’s been up to.

I can’t believe Blake McCallister got off the hook for this. Oh well, I guess everyone needs some good lovin’ once in a while, even if it comes from a BART seat.

Does that mean that if one has sex on a bed, it’s actually a threesome (you, your partner, and the bed?). Or maybe it’s poly if the sheets are included???

Who are you bigots to judge how this gentleman gets his rocks off!? With the abolishment of traditional marriage, people are now free to engage in orgasmic behaviors with whom or what they see fit. Would you be giving this person such bile if it were a woman straddling the vibrating seat getting her rocks off!? No.

Leave this misunderstood gentleman alone. He deserves to be happy like the next faggie or straightie.

in 10 years, we’ll have fully functional supermodel look-alike feel-alike machines to do all the work that no human female can duplicate.

need for women will drop… birth rates will decline further…

I wonder if the day will come when two gay dads decide to send their kid to a special camp to “cure” him of his robophilia.

Loveseat gets a new meaning!

How can you thrust your schlong against a seat? Something is amiss…

Unless if they mean he was thrusting it in the gap between the edge of the seat and the handle bars/metal poles

or it can also be that he was doing his imaginery GF, in which case both of them should be charged of indecent exposure.

Ewww… Poor woman that caught him

She’s a BART train operator, probably the closest she’s been to getting any in years.