Major difference between Chinese and other cultures

Last friday, I hurt my back and leg (left gluteus) muscles pain while getting paper for printer. It was so severe that I could not stand let alone walk. All my coworkers noticed that it as I needed to grab something to hold in order to walk. Their reaction was either smile or advised to me to visit a doctor. Thats ok.

After visiting the doctor and resting for two days, the back pain has reduced but the gluteus pain is still very bad. What angers me is that after returning to work no one bothered asking how am I and whether I have recovered or not.

I think this is more to do with culture as I had similiar experiences in other companies here in Hong Kong. People simply won’t bother and mostly interested in which level is everyone in Candy Crush. The British has taught them a lot of hard skills such as infrastructure but in terms of soft skills, they have learned nothing. I expect Hong Kong will soon be taken over by other mainland cities.

Anyway, now I am sitting mostly on my right gluteus, but what’s the best way to heal? Thanks


Cultural critique and seeking medical advice all wrapped into one lol

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So, the question is how to best heal your sprained butt? Acupuncture?

1st decent and respectful reply. Yes and acupunture is great but expensive here. Need to buy in fixed lump sum, e.g. pay for 10 times coupon. Cannot buy 1-by-1

That sounds pretty common in most cultures where people tend to mind their own business. By no means unique to the Chinese.

I was going to guess chopsticks?

is it bad that i had to google gluteus and candy crush?

Find a local friend to get you to one of those herbal/massage shops in hong kong mehbe

Nothing like herbal butt massage.

This thread is dumb. Has nothing to do with cultural differences. Maybe, like most people, your co-workers like to mind their own business. Man up and stop fishing for sympathy.

if you mind your own business @ work too where is it socially acceptable to be nosy?

I had a similar experience a while back. Went to the doctor and he fixed me right up. The treatment was easy enough and should help you out as well. As my doctor was mending me we discussed a new sandwich shop that had just opened up across the street. I guess they have some of the best meatball subs around. I went over there after my appointment but the line was too long so I left. I’m going to try to make it back there next week.

Dawg, I just reread this. When your injury or whatever recovers, you need to get yourself to a gym and start doing a workout, including some squats. In the meantime, do kegels. Seriously, this stuff is embarrasing.

You hurt your butt trying to put paper in the printer, then got butthurt (pun intended) all over again when nobody asked how you were the next day? Probably because they were trying too hard not to laugh! Harden the frick up mang!

I like this ^

Bro how does your back feel now? Have you recovered yet?


There are a lot of cultural differences related to how people work together, and how much people who work together actually give a damn about each other though.

Nah, and this is obviously a pretty bad generalisation. HK Chinese people are weird, very introverted superficial and materialistic. In comparison taiwanese people and mainlanders are definitely more outgoing and like to party.