making a comeback?

Strategy - IFT

Use the videos. my strategy has been to watch the videos straight through (@1.4speed). This gives you a hang of the material.You should be able to do this over 60days.

Next you track back to the beginning and watch the videos again but this time you take your time to do the blue-box examples and the EOC questions. Once you are done, start with old mocks go as far back as you can get. Do a minimum of 10 years. The CFAI topic test questions are absolutely essential. You should do them over and over again until you get the hang of it. It is true they are harder than the questions on the test, but they test the concepts thoroughly.

Do and redo the mock tests. You will be alright.

There might be no short cuts, but it is certainly doable.


Hello Autiger… don’t give up, I passed L2 on my 5th attempt… the first 3x I was really unprepared because Spring is my busy time as a CPA… I think what got me over the hump is working more problems than just reading… I would get up 6am, get a cup of coffee, and work problems first hour of the day… get in this habit and make it a part of your day… I think using both Kaplan and CFAI is a good strategy, I read CFAI first, then Kaplan, which reinforced concepts.

Calvol & Airmaverick,

Thanks for the encouraging words. I will definitely be implementing some of those ideas. @Tactics, thanks for the fuel :slight_smile: Pressing on…

I don’t think anyone asked before they blindly started telling you to carry on with it (unless I missed it while skimming).

I want to finish the charter because I started the pursuit of the charter…I took a step back for several years and being away from it felt too much like quitting to me.

OP: Are Tiger spouse and the cubs ready and supportive for your stab at LII? And LIII is gonna be a fresh kind of h*ll.

If you’ve got money to burn and time to waste away from your family, go for it. It doesn’t seem to be hindering your career in a definitive manner (a manager never told you that you need it for a promotion, or something). Honestly, the CFA charter isn’t much to hang a hat of pride on-- it’s a series of exams that require qualifying work experience. Sure, it shows commitment, discipline, blah blah…but really, I’d take family time and saved money over that any day because those things matter more, Most times the charter isn’t life-changing. There is a ton of hype around the CFA exams from what I can tell. If you really need it for you, and your family will support it, go for it. Otherwise enjoy life and don’t let other people convince you that the CFA exams measure some kind of intelligence or fortitude. I know some pretty dumb people who finished the charter in quick time, relatively speaking-- they seem to thump their chest more than the super smart guys who blew through it 3/3 with far less effort.

may i know how your second attempt was? and did you do anything different in your 2nd and 3rd attempts?

And yeah definitely following your advise :slightly_smiling_face:

I passed Level 1 in December 2015. Wrote Level 2 June 2016, band 7 with FRA below 50. Son was born in September 2016, tried to start early, but new born 's don’t understand study time :slightly_smiling_face: Then attempted 2017 June, working on FRA, but didn’t get much sleep in that time and got a band 8, with FRA below 50. 2018 came along, Son much better sleeper had more time to study and focused heavily on FRA. I used 3rd party material for the first two attempts since time wasn’t really a luxury and the third time around focused on the actual CFAI books, must have redone EOC three times. Beginning, midway, and end. Went through Topic Tests as well.

3rd attempt went well, only variable for me was Derivatives and that’s because I ran out of time.

I guess for me the main changes were CFAI books (GOLD), more time to study and good rest. (and an amazing wife)

I was in a similar situation to you Mr OP. Failed x2 Level 2 and with small kids and a job it was so much pressure the 3rd time. But walking away felt like i had lost to the “Beast”. Focussed so much on FRM and Equities and then barely passed but hey, my last strategy worked.

But then after you have slayed the Beast, you really feel you need to finish off L3 since you’ve come so close…so that’s me now after again failing L3 x2…it is still a Beast but a very different one.

So go for it!


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