Mandatory "What's the first thing you're going to do immediately after the exam?" post

interested to hear what people are looking forward to once they’re done…

Drink until I’ve forgotton everything.

Drink. I already have plans to meet with another L2 CFA Candidate immediately after the exam to get some drinks. So that’s 2 more for drinking immediately after the exam.

Get absolutely wasted.


Dress up in my hot pink tight persistence factor dress and have a few drinks!

go watch the avengers maybe?

Ask the institue to add levels 4 and 5. The only place I could be an analyst in will be an asylum

Right after the exam I’ll go watch Prometheus with some friends and then I’m not exactly sure what I will do, probably hit a bar and then a club. But one thing I know for sure is that, as we all have something to celebrate, it will involve alcohol. A lot of alcohol.


I will probably go home to take a crap and then get drunk.

I’ll be spending some quality time with my son. Then a week long trip to the Boundaray Waters to forget about everything.

But, you’re going to have a drink there, right?

going to get fucked up at a casino so all my bad decisions are in one day

There will be drinks before, during, and after the trip.

Brush up on the material so i can be ready for L3.

Straight out of the exam hall and to the doctor to see if I can get something for this Vitamin D deficiency.

Damn rickets.

drinks and pass out

Central Park for sunshine and booze.

driving straight from the exam to the lake to get sunburned and drink 'til i can’t feel feelings anymore