Math question

Nerd status 1000 reached.

Come to claim your rightful status as royalty in the kingdom of mathematicians, eh? What’s your Wilmott name?

Plenty of geeking out here. Let’s cut the foreplay and get down to it. How much do you make?? Nerdy, you start. No net worth nonsense, I’m talking annual in your jeans. I’ll allow after-tax variable and share based comp to be included.

nerdy is 98th percentile for his age

It’s all about the moniessss

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Scared to admit it? We did a salary survey on the board a while ago. Start it back up nery

Shouldn’t your salary be considered relative to your location/country? 50k in europe is different from 50k in NYC where you pay 2k a month for just your kids’ kindergarten!

Lol I’m down if y’all down but if one of you ain’t down. I’m not down.

We can use a cost of living calculator and report it in NYC dollars. I make 350k Manhatten cost of living adjusted

holy crap where do you live?

In Texas, the land of cheap everything! And no income taxes. Although I may try to relocate to Puerto Rico and run no federal taxes with this remote work. I work for a small firm so may be able to get my arrangement structured as a consultant or something! That’d be sweet

unless you make something like 300k and thats nominal. I think puerto rico has higher inc taxes. personally im gunning for washington. its in my 5 year plan. mostly due to no inc state taxes. good school system. affordable. close to canada. good jobs. good people. good weather. good place for fam.

ahh so you plan to create a corporation. hire yourself. and export it your old company? thats pretty good though. 4% corporate tax as an income tax i’ll take that.

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That’s the dream!

lol - this got me til I read the replies.