MBA Interview

agree with numi. interviewers like to talk about themselves! :smiley:

questions to expect why mba why now why us what do you have for us basically you have to show that you bought the schools mktg material and you are compatible

so what kind of interview was it exactly? i’ve just never heard of a phone interview when you live in the same city as the school. maybe its more common than i’m aware of. it just wasn’t what happens at any of the 8 or 10 schools i initially considered. as far as you can tell, was it the only interview you’ll get? also, aside from not having time to ask questions, how was the rest of the interview?

hey storko, i’m in bschool now and could lend my perspective on the process. if you tell me the name of the school i could target a question or two your way.

guys, read the thread… he had his interview two or three days ago.

Whatever you do, DO NOT ask about post MBA salary or ROI, or anything of that nature.