Mock Test CFA Level III

Which mocks tests from various prep provider are best for preparation??
I heard about Konvexity but I found those mocks quite tough.

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I know the correct answer, but I’m biased.

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I have purchased MM mocks, but finding it extremely tough. Sometimes I feel he his asking few questions from out of the syllabus. Now i just practicing his pm questions quit Am in midway.I am also using ift mocks and it’s better than MM

anyone else finding MM mocks too tough?

i’ve found a few mistakes in the schweser mocks, but they seem fair nonetheless. nathan ronen from chalk & board gives awesome mocks through his workshops.

I have tried solving Konvexity mocks and I found them quite tough especially AM…too in depth questions. The main issue is there are some concepts which are not mentioned in CFA or schweser in detail.
I was thinking to purchase Finquiz Mock, but not sure now how’s its difficulty whether they are structured in proper way.

Does anyone has the ides for Finquiz mocks and does MM mocks are now worth purchasing ??

Do you have any sample available for your mocks. They are quite costly too.
Having a sample can give an idea before making a purchase.

I have finquiz mocks. They are easy compared to MM. I liked their PM and regarding AM, there were many questions which were not directly related to case studies. But overall I liked their mocks. For PM I will give 8 out of 10 score and for pm 5.5 out of 10.

Here you go:

I’m following the MM mock exam. In fact I’m following the MM program. Unfortunately I think there is a great difference betweem MM AM mock exam and his QBank questions level and even EOC questions.
It seems the mock exam are 5x more difficult.
I really dont know if I should follow other mock exam. Or if I cant fix the importants concpts to answer… well I’m very frustrated.

Here’s a thread on reddit/cfa that may be of some use: