Moved to the US from Europe, career advice?

Certainly not true in my case. :frowning:

Or in the case of my experience.

Thanks for the info, appreciate it. So far I’ve heard of Janus and Westcore (=Denver Investments) on the buy-side, will start looking into those other names. On the SS I’ve only seen S&P Capital IQ really having ER openings, but I’ll keep watching the others. And I know what O&G and E&P is, but what’s MLP? And which company is BMO? And by Piper, I assume you mean Piper Jaffray? Thought they were mostly active in Minneapolis, but I might sorta know someone there, will look into that.

Not sure I want to get back into private banking or investment advisory shops, I deliberately moved away from that about 3 years ago because I’m not really a sales guy (although I wasn’t bad at it). But I’ll consider it, a job is better than no job.

Otherwise I’ve started networking my way around the city and getting to know new people. I believe that might actually be my best bet, so hopefully I’ll start getting a few good leads in the coming weeks. It’s hard to get noticed in a pile of 200 resumes otherwise. And I have no direct investment analyst experience, just indirect. Did land one phone interview for an investment analyst position, but they ended up picking someone with more direct experience.

If I were to get offered a job at a non financial services company, do you think it would be a good idea to accept that and continue from there? (given that I left my job in the Netherlands in February of this year, so from their perspective I’ve been unemployed for 5 months now, although I only received my work rights about 2 months ago) Or would it be career suicide to leave the financial sector and then try to get back in?

That’s odd man. Hope that doesn’t happen to me. I got a Business degree (bachelor) from a Dutch university (not known outside of the country) with a minor in Finance. Hopefully they’ll find that acceptable enough :slight_smile: