Music to listen to while studying


BACH. He was a genius both musically and mathematically so hopefully it rubs off.

I’ve tried listening to electronica while studying, but I tend to get ‘rolling’ flash backs.


Hi there,

Just curious as to which app specifically the Brainwave one is as there seem to be many “Brainwave” apps.


I’m already tired of listening to “So Good”.


First of all Musics are the most Dangerous methods to use while studying …as when studying u will listen music and it will take all your attention towards the song and deviate you from studies… This will ruin your career … First and foremost I would like to say avoid music while studying


Sh*t just got real.

Don’t listen anything while studying. Especially close towards real examination, make a practice in terms closed to real exam terms and there in the hall they still don’t play music.

Lana Del Rey station on Pandora. I went 3 for 3 listening to that 9 hours per day from January to test day.

I get too much anxiety to listen to it anymore but it served its purpose.

The first rule of memory retention is understanding how you as an individual retain memory. Congratulations on figuring out how you learn. But, you fail in telling others how they learn as you have no idea.