Music - What song will you . . .

Mandelbrot Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > On my iPod on exam day this year: > > Gonna Fly Now > Eye of the Tiger > Lose Yourself (Eminem) > Chariots of Fire (Vangelis) > No Regrets (New Order) > The chase theme from the The Bourne Identity > Crockets Theme > > I was totally fucking pumped when I got to > ExCel… You’re from MN?

Folk sicillian songs and soundtrack to La Piovra. La Piovra soundtrack in playlist since L1

ExCeL is the arena in London docklands. Where is MN? Maine?

Mandelbrot Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > ExCeL is the arena in London docklands. Where is > MN? Maine? MN is Minnesota. The Xcel Center was near where the exam was held. My mistake.

I back the Flogging Molly.

Britney spears, of course…te he!

JustPass Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Gonna Fly Now - from the motion picture Rocky. LOL, that’s probably a lot of people in the program including myself!!

Through the fire and the flames - Dragonforce :: ULTIMATE!!!

Don’t Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult Gene Frenkel dominating the cowbell. When I felt lost during the exam, I channeled the cowbell for strength to persevere.

Atmosphere - Shoulda known…awesome song!

Pretender-Foo Fighters I swear it was on every radio station I turned too, even hip hop stations.

Probably Social Distortion “Don’t Drag me Down”…seems fitting

Lose Yourself - Eminem…

The Jeopardy music played during the final question of the show… except played over and over.

Astral Projection

Thunderstruck- AC/DC I walked out to it for Varsity Lacrosse and 12 years later there is still no better pump up song.

how 'bout “I get knocked down, but I get up again”

I listened to a lot of radiohead- in rainbows while I was studying. Then a few days before the exam Coldplay- Viva la vida leaked and I got hooked on that. (I also won tickets to their free MSG show)