New WC Moderator: Sweep The Leg

Please welcome Sweep The Leg as a moderator of the Water Cooler.

Sweep The Leg, thank you for volunteering to help!

Great, now I can expect to be silenced if I don’t agree with STL’s narcissistic worldview.

A new era of Water Cooler has begun. All south Asians will tremble before great moderator STL and let loose their lamentations to the heavens.

Congrats STL. Make The Water Cooler Great Again.



Hey, I crave power and authority, can I be a mod?

Golf clap


STL, Chief Troll Officer!

STL, could you answer how is this going to affect the already high quality standards of posts and threads which WC is widely known for?







I will get banned just like my other Polymorphic identities.



You spelled tank wrong, brother.


Chiefs are garbage.

I for one welcome our new robot overlords.

Rule #1 of WC moderation - Thou shalt never edit nor nuke the “Witten > Gronk” thread.

Rule #2 of WC moderation - First learn rule #1.

Looking forward to some extreme vetting.

STL, if you do not keep your pledges for anti-immigrant policies around here, I will bring Turd back and start a rebellion.

lol, got to love the wc