New WC Moderator: Sweep The Leg

lol, got to love the wc

Does this mean no more rape threads?.. How strict is STL?..

I dig it, STL is a good choice.

Are we going to get a speech or what? This is crap.

Yes we need an inaugural address laying out your vision for the water cooler as our unelected overlord.

This is the kind of crap I will no longer tolerate in the WC. ltj is lucky I haven’t figured out how to actually use any of my new powers.

Seriously though, I guess I’ll go ahead and outline my view on things so you all can b i tch accordingly. At the highest level, my main goal is to be here when things start to spiral out of control like they did last year (and have threatened to a couple times already this year). I’m a much bigger fan of locking threads and telling folks why than outright nuking them. And, one promise I’ll give you right now, I will never, ever edit someone’s post without saying it was me that did so and leave an explanation why. I’m not going to change your posts just because I disagree/you insult me/whatever. Other stuff…

  • I’m not a big fan of moderation or censorship, so I’m planning on doing very little actual work.
  • Some things that will cause me to act swiftly:
    • Zero tolerance on doxxing (posting or attempting to post another’s private information). You do this or even threaten to do this and you’re gone. Do not pass Go. Do not collect your $200. Bye.
    • Spamming - This is more subjective so I won’t be too harsh and I’ll give the user public warnings (locking their tread, editing their post and leaving a caring message behind) before anything more severe happens. And I’ll only do this after it’s become extremely obvious and annoying.
    • Trolling - This one is very difficult to judge so I’ll use what I call the “Blake Test.” So long as you are a good member of the community, that is, you add something/anything of value - investment related material, involved in test prep discussions, maybe it’s just adding humor or a different perspective in the WC - then have fun occasionally trolling people. If the only thing you do is troll, however, I don’t believe you have any place here. Chinese Whispers, I’m looking at you.
    • Personal Attacks - Generally speaking, my attitude is “don’t be a p u ssy.” There have been times, maybe 2-3 times a year, when things go too far. I’ll probably just lock the thread and let people cool down. You can be a dick, just don’t go nuclear on someone. If you’re having a problem with someone, PM me but unless it’s egregious, you’ll probably get a response along the lines of “don’t be a p u ssy.”

That’s about it. Don’t expect any mass bannings anytime soon (even you quantwannabe). I’ll just go with the flow until things get crazy. So, in the immortal words of Honest Abe…

Party On Dudes

so if you bold one letter it allows you to skip the censor? That requires a level of focus I just dont have


Using a Bill & Ted’s reference makes me OK with this so far. I’m cautiously optimistic.

you know you’re on a sexist forum when it is 50% represented by males, 45% represented by indians and 5% represented by women and the new moderator introduces his rules by saying “don’t be a p u ssy” forty times. AF cannot be made great again. we’re there man.

STL, when will you be releasing your tax returns?

As soon as Hillary releases her emails!

5% feels high.

if STL had any pride left he would retire

I believe the word you are looking for is wanker?

i rounded up to the nearest 5%.


#lockherup #bengazi

Oh god…

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