"No Apology: The Case for American Greatness."

So that is the title of Romney’s book. The Republican Party is making up the case that BO is apologizing. Respect is not an apology, and the GOP only knows “thumping your nose at the world”. This book is targeted to please the racist/conservative base of the GOP -BUT - they will never get over the fact that he is a Mormon. What a waste of time. Flip, flop.

So you’ve read a book that hasn’t been published yet?

“We’re freakin’ awesome and you guys suck. No Apology.” Ooops, we blew up the world economy - but it was fun while it lasted. Thanks for all the cheap stuff. No Apology.

Poor Mittens. You would think with all the money he has he could hire a better ghostwriter. On other hand, I am not sure if GOP base reads books anyway. Maybe he could sponsor a NASCAR car or something. We should ask kkent about that.

Wow. And I always thought the idea that everyone deserves their own house seemed liberal. DAMN YOU, CONSERVATIVES!

america peaked in the 19th century, matured & plateaued in the 20th, now it’s all downhill from here - economically, politically, intellectually, militarily - get over it…