No Shows?

Ho Chi Minh Test center also very few no show rate, approximately 5%. Its’nt luckly to me when I seated behind 2 girls. It seem that they didn’t attempt the examination, they go out and come in frequently. It make me feel not comfortable.

No show rate in Vancouver was pretty high from my understanding. In my section of 15 there were only 5 test takers. In the larger sections, I was told only about 58 showed up out of 90. The proctor to candidate ratio was pretty intense. You’d have to be incredibly stupid to try and pull anything off in the Van test center. I’m assuming most of the no shows were probably students from the university who thought they could treat the level 1 like another course. The week before the exam, they whip out a practice test and holy ****. Do you think most people who actually took the test are pretty well prepared, or “I paid so I might as well see what it looks like?”

cpham, I was at the Van location as well and there was a few no shows, I was up in AA overlooking the arena area and if I had to guess I would have put no shows at 20-25% just based on the open spaces, it could have been more as I remember thinking that one in four or one in five not showing up was a pretty high number. What did surprise me was a guy who missed the morning session decided to turn up for the afternoon session. I think something must have gone wrong for him.