NY living expense

Hello I am a south african living in johannesburg.

I have a british passport which will make moving ot the states slightly easier. I am looking at trying to get a job as an analyst in NY. What would be a reasonable salary needed to live in NY comfortably?

when I say comfortably i mean: Cable, Internet, shared apartment in Manhattan and travelling in the states once a year in the holidays, savings, 401k, and eating out and a bit of partying on the weekends.

your help would be greatly appreciated

who in their right mind would want to leave south africa?

There are 1000s of South Africans working in the city of London. 3 out of my team of 15 are from there. And they all seemed to be in their right mind, last time I checked…

There are plenty of people that can live in Manhattan with around $60K base and a roommate as long as you’re selective about neighborhoods. I think the prices in NY are crazy if you’re living on your own, but a shared apartment changes the economics significantly.

I would say base of at least 60k with expectations around 80+ is reasonable with the exception of substantial savings. I would say six figures is required to actually put forth a saving regiment and live well. Also, not sure what you are accustomed to with respect to living space, but mentally prepare yourself to start living in smaller spaces. I personally found the most value downtown (fidi / battery) but I’m sure others can comment on their ideas of the best places within Manhattan.