NYC Monday-Tuesday of next week

Any networking events for BSDs that I should be aware of on these particular dates? Trying to pack a full schedule here.

Doubtful as it’s Rosh Hashanah and a significant number of BSD’s in NYC are Jewish.

rosh ha shanah rosh ha shanah fa la la fa la la

yep, good point… rosh hashanah has played scheduling tricks on me before too, need to stay current on the jewish calendar

I thought Numi was the only Jew on the board?

You can hang with BgaChad.

^ I’m not Jewish, but my daughter’s school is closed Monday and Tuesday for Rosh Hashanah.

matt like analysis is a Russian Jew if memory serves.

Edit: Just remembered, it’s comp_sci_kid. Got my AF users with three words separated by underscores mixed up.

Edit 2: MLA isn’t separated by underscores. I’m off my game today.

Maybe you can crash one of those Jewish new year parties. I heard that there is a lot of food.

Is he really? I thought he was Canadian like Geo.

i’ll meet you in NYC. Im not a Jew like Rod Carew

Edited: comp_sci_kid, not MLA.


Funny it actually crossed my mind that you confused those two.

Comp_sci_kid and igor are Jewish. I believe king kong is also based on the intensity of his posts during threads involving Israel.

Numi is Asian but is a BSD and has a mid section 3 standard deviations from the mean (on the positive side) for his race, so I can see how people can confuse his ethnicity.