PHD after CFA level II

“Time Warner customer service, how may I assist you today?”

well since they have a doctorate degree that is the way they want to be addressed. In that case, if you have a master’s degree tell them to call you master so and so. Dr. so and so, please refer me as Master so and so.

Sounding like Sean Connery.

Maybe become an analyst/coach for the guys with the fake US accents? You know how you sometimes get the call center guy called “Keith” or something like that, and tries to mimic a mid western accent? What’s up with those guys? I don’t care if they are Indian or whatever.


Focus on numbers, not letters.

Build consistent track records. This will pay off far more.

When I encounter people with many letters after or before their name, my impression is insecurity.

If you’re an educated person, one of the best things you can do is let people discover that on their own. I promise you, you will be respected 10x more.