Please Fix the constant lag on Videos

Dear CFI

Some videos are very laggy and would stuck on loading icon, especially in the course on Amazon case.

At first I thought it was my internet, so I stop all other devices and internet usage, but it still lag very much.

It is video specific, because when I switch to another video in the same course, it plays fine, but when I switch to the laggy one, it would lag at a specific time in that video.

one example would be the video on EBITDA in DCF analysis in the course 14, the Amazon Case course as shown below.

There was numerous videos with lags in other course, but I just skipped over them because I can still pass the exams, but the Amazon case is so big I can not avoid not to watch the video.

It is really frustrating as I only have two days to finish before 31st August deadline for the compulsory exam.

@CorporateFinanceInstitute can you please look into this for @FinancialWar?

It’s okay, I just finished the FMVA Program. I recorded the latter half of the Amazon case course so that I can skip the laggy parts instead of waiting and move on to the three electives and came back later.

Hi @FinancialWar

Thanks for sharing this.

Although we received no other reports for this issue, your feedback was sent to our developers as a priority ticket to ensure this wasn’t part of a larger course interface issue.

Upon investigation, our developers were unable to find any issues with the video and determined this to be an internet connectivity problem.

In terms of quick fixes, they suggested:

  • Turning off any plugins or extensions when watching videos.
  • Ensuring that the browser you are using is up to date.
  • Watching in a private window in your browser of choice (e.g. Chrome’s Incognito mode).

To provide greater assistance, our developers have asked if you could click this link and email your web browser’s unique URL to can tell what browser/version you have, as well as the operating system and device you’re currently using.

Providing this information will allow our developers to take a deeper look into your issue and identify where the potential problem might be.

Thanks for the reply. Maybe it’s my end IDK.