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Nareen_ & Mobius:

Nareen’s solution was basically how I was thinking of acting on Mobius’ hint, but I was still having some trouble figuring out how to set it up and how to relate the two functions.

I enjoyed reading the proof, though. Nicely done!

Is there any way we could steer this conversation to Game of Thrones, best strategies for Civ 5, or how people that can’t get through the Silmarillion obviously possess below average reading comprehension skills?

@ naren_

sweet, thats the proof!

^ Sorry for my rudeness earlier. I got a false positive on my BS meter.

I told you Mobius had good AF cred!

I can’t get through the Silmarillion. Hell, I barely made it through LOTR. Maybe the 5,000 made-up names and places make it difficult.

The Hobbit was a decent read, though.

It is with great relief i welcome back Mobious who was working on a Riemann hypothesis. Such a joy to see such a great mathematician answering primitive questions.

My pleasure, CSK. I was disappointed to not see one of your landmark proofs in this thread, which bear the uncanny resemblance to the trail of symbols left on an open word document while the cat walked over my keyboard after I had accidentally set the font to Wingdings 3. You must have been busy valuing financial tech warrants.