Post e-mail service/server notification arrival time

Gmail 13 mins past

I use gmail, got my result at 9:40am EST. Passed :slight_smile:

Gmail waiting… google apps account @ 14:51 UK time

Still…nothing…good lord.

Thanks. Good luck to you!

yahoo user… east coast (NYC) havent got mine yet…

is it alphabetical? I’m an S, work email - others have received, but they are

Still nothing. Does this give any indication of pass/fail?

whats wrong with yahooooo !!!

This does not give any indication of pass/fail, but the wait is eating me alive

still no results… gmail…

I’ve been freaking out here for an hour, heart skips a beat after each useless email hits my inbox.

What the hell is gmail doing? damn it.

I am using a network solutions email and MS office at work, nothing at all. network solutions mail crashed yesterday too. i guess it will get here when it gets here.

is everyone checking their spam (I am) but I know a lot of L 1/2 results and renewals were getting caught in junk

Gmai… and still did not get anything

nohting on yahoo as yet any one else using yahoo ?

Anything yet ? I’m also in London, on gmail and nothing. Gettid bored of waiting now.

Gmail too - nothing, freakin out man

I’m on hosted gmail an australian domain, maybe that changes things? Physically in London tho.

Need a result any way soon as I am going to the pub and need something to define my mood rather than just ???

Yep, finally got it at about 3pm (UK time). PASSED!!!