Post your FRM Results here for comparison

Called up GARP from singapore, and the answer was very vague. There was some lady who said that the results would be released sometime in the afternoon eastern time. I asked her what time, and she said she was not sure, and she cannot give any more details. I really hope these guys can get their act together. Firstly they screw you with a question paper from planet mars, and then they dilly dally with your results. To be in the CFA league they have to be better, (not that CFA is perfect).

SHOOT, i filled out the resume very casually to test it. I can’t change it any more. It says I have to contact Diane Bebe to make modifications… Crap!

does it mean ,Resume builder is for FRM holder(note 2 yr exp issue) and not for FRM Pass?? Candidates who pass FRM but waiting to complete the 2 yr process wont get access either;-) keeping my finger crossed GARP could have pasted all passed ID today itself(and later sending mails one by one)

i can also get into the resume builder, just hope that this means that i have passed the exam.

do clear your spam folder time to time!! result does hide inside that;-)

Did it actually happen to you now or are you just giving an advice?

anybody can’t access the resume builder?

resume builder crashed it says "The system cannot find the file specified. "

Did you guys notice that Resume Builder section of the website is shut down?

mmmm How annoying is all this?

i will just assume i failed unless i know otherwise thru their official email.

bbijjook Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Did you guys notice that Resume Builder section of > the website is shut down? I think they plug the hole. No peeking anymore.

I have been waiting for the email the whole day. The email I just got from GARP is an ad for the convention this Feb.

me 2. don’t understand why they couldn’t just post the results online and save everybody a trouble. i am sure diane bebe would be totally on board with that…

so I see people do actually care for the results…I thought everybody just took it for fun…good luck fellas

I called this morning and a nice lady told me that the results will be released this evening. It really pisses me off that they are sending out the email at the end of the day. You might as well push the date to the next day and save us some suffering.

why are you suffering though? … Im really surprised by the number of people that actually took the exam. i thought there was only like 3-5 of us on here.

The same psychological torture you experience through the CFA, especially on the release day. I have been checking since last night and I am sure I am not the only one here.

there was a lot more riding on the CFA then the FRM though, at least for me. I learned what I had to learn. I doubt the results of FRM will change anything. of course, i’m 85% sure i failed, so maybe that is the reason for a lack of anxiety.

I am only taking the FRM to hedge out the risk my PRM would lose value. Practice what you preach, I guess. Honestly I would recommend PRM over FRM - more flexibility, heavier emphasis on quant skills, more active local societies, etc.