Practical Regression Examples?

Hi ,

With my limited knowledge I understand that CFA is meant for practically helping investment professionals gain better understanding of what they are doing or those seeking to gain insight into financial knowledge before taking a ride into "wall street express " .Comparing CFA with core mathematics is like comparing graduation Engineering degree ( BTech ) with Hons course or Masters in any Science Field .

In Engineering degree we are taught about applying the principles rather than focussing on why or how they came into first place ( It does not hurt to understand the basics though but could be time consuming ) while Hons course deals with theory and its proof and any further research ( If you are thinking about Doctorate ) .None are factually incorrect ( although there could be errors in question or answers ) ,but can not be compared based on depth.

Quant in CFA is filtered to the point of relevant portion which might actually be needed by investment professional in determinig his/her future course of action .Like wise words “CFA is two inch deep and a mile wide” .

PS : This is my personal opinion .Anyways I am not qualified enough to justify any point .