Presidential debate #2

For whom the bell tolls?

Will Sleepy Joe ramble himself into a quagmire now when The Orange Man’s mic is muted? Will DJT pull a bunny rabbit out his hat and turn the tide? Who’s tuning in to watch these two heavyweight, yet possibly senile, septuagenarians duke it out in this last duel of the glorious presidential elections of 2020?!

The muted mic thing was a great idea! This is a real debate this time.

Trump doing much better I think

Sigh. The mute button presents the perfect medium to carve Trump up and Biden is missing badly. He’s coming across as slow and weak. A stronger opponent would have Trump in a pretzel by now.

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I agree. Trump handled the Covid part pretty well with the ‘cure shouldn’t be worse than the disease’ argument. Biden didn’t use his opportunities to roast him.

Trump did much better this go around. Hopefully it’s too late in the game.

Dude, these two old odd-balls confirm what I have been thinking since 2006…the western hegemony is history…teach your kids to speak Chinese!