Primary Research Conducting Process?

Interested in how the rest of you source names and phone numbers to call. For some places, I’m able to figure out a number to call pretty easily, but for my current project it’s a bit more difficult. I guess using it as a case would make sense.

The Project: Figuring out at what price point a company using natural gas switches to coal. I’m not sure what title to look for (or stalk) on Linkedin and how to best get a number. I’m sure my answer won’t be concrete, but having some industry sources speak to their thought process and paramters would certinaly be helpful.

I’m assuming that this is slightly different (higher) than where they are competitive. Based on looking at historical power consumption data, rail data (not available for free anymore sigh…), and news reports it seems like natural gas is cometitive sub $4.50ish and the switching hits hard at roughly $2.75 and below. Given the recent surge in demand in natural gas versus crumpling supply, I’m trying to figure out how sustainable the demand is.

Thanks to all who posted in my other topic focusing on gathering consumer data. I was able to figure out a way to make a decent case despite not having a rigorous dat aset by speaking to roughly 40 important cases as opposed to surveying some hundreds for some ridiculous dollar amount.