Q19,Q13,Q24 short seller position curicum V4 fixed income P148

Q19, it says short seller position can affect the demand of collateral, I could not understand, is a lender or short seller?

how to affect collateral?

Q13, if we use 2 year repo, the duration 2 is greater than overnight, since leverage increase the duration, why the answer says shorten the total duration of portfolio?

Q24, contigent immu. should use intial portfolio for passive and safety margin for active, why answer says total portfolio use for active?

waiting for idea.

q13 has been discussed to death, do a search

q19, if lender of funds needs the collateral for a short sale, the repo rate will be lower b/c it is in-demand

q13, just do the math and you will see why the answer is correct

q24v = you actively manage entire portfolio under CI if you have cushion once cushion is zero or below, you switch back to regular immunization

q13, can you provide the math calculation? thanks

DE = (Di * I - Db * B) / E

good, 2 year repo end up lower equity duration