Qbank suggestions

Dear candidates,

I would like to hear your opinion about 3rd party provided qbank(Wiley, Fitch, Kaplan, etc.) When I studied for last CFA lvl 1 exam I used WaytoCFA materials which were cheaper and I immediately regret it after the exam. Since practice is key to pass exam, please suggest me which qbank is best in your opinion (cost/return).

Thanks in advance.

Kaplan. Perfect fit for L1. Dont go cheap when your risking time as it is the most precious asset in the universe to my knowlege. Why save a few hundred to extend your CFA studies a year or so? Pay more = study less.

I also used Kaplan Qbank for L1 and was a great source.

Obviously don’t forget the mocks. Try to at least solve 3 or 4 full mocks (6hr each).

I see You are using WILEY for studying. Have you used his Qbank?

And thanks for advice.

I use Kaplan and CFAI Curriculum in a mixed way. Also I check some WILEY videos available in youtube for free :slight_smile: Only those that are still useful, some are outdated due curriculum changes year by year.

Can you buy Kaplan Schweser Qbank only (without buying the whole package)? I couldn’t find that option on the website.