Questions relating to private equity

Hi all could you guys help me with these questions regarding private equity?

Q1 Which is least likely to be a typical private equity fund investor?

Pension fund, fund of funds, high net worth indiv, hedge funds. (I think the ans is hedge funds but im nt sure)

Q2 Was Warburg one of the top 6 mega private equity funds as at 31 Dec 2009?

Q3 Which represents the key responsibility of fund managers (GPs/LPs)?

Raise funds, advise companies on selling the business, hedging activities, stocks and bonds (I think the ans is to raise funds but im not sure)

Q4 Which multiple represents the LP’s unrealised return? Is it Residual value to paid in capital (RVPI)?

Q5 What form of compensation paid to private equity fund GPsthat is based on a set percentage of profit? Is it RR, Capital interest or hurdle rate? I think its capital interest but i am unsure.

Thanks all!!