Relying on Schweser/Stalla

Guys, I am writing Level 1 in December and have just finished the Ethics section. I used CFAI materials for Ethics as recommended here. Now, for the other sections can I totally rely on Stalla and not look at the mountains of information in the CFAI materials?

you could, but you’ve got a ton of time. why not read it straight from the horses mouth? at a bare minimum, at least do the end of chapter questions from CFAI

It is always wiser to read the actual CFA books and review with schweser/stalla.

Like Ethics if you solely rely on study guides and skip CFAI materials you could miss little details like “directed brokerage”, my concern is will I miss little details from CFAI materials (for all sections excluding Ethics) if I use Stalla to prep and do questions and examples from CFAI materials? Stalla/Schweser are basically summaries of the CFAI book, they even include the same example questions, just less wordy. The risk of missing details in Ethics is clear since it is all text and no formulas or concepts, but I was guessing in all other questions Stalla should cover it all- they wouldn’t exclude any formula or concept I would imagine, they just make it less wordy which is a risk in Ethics but my guess less a risk in other quant sections. Can anyone chime in on this? I do have 30 weeks from next week to the exam to study, I want to leave at least 2 months to review and bang out as many questions as possible from Qbank, PassMaster, and all practice and mock exams.

By all means herm u will never cover 100 % ,my ideal plan would be study solely from stalla cover 100 % from passmaster and CFAI ,THE CFAI text is tooooo long with less add value compared with that of stalla or shwezer