Resume Question

> Yeah, to them it’s a waste of valuable space that > could have been used for important things like > owning macs and masturbating to midget porn and > john stamos fan club membership. Oh so that was your resume I saw

I mean I get it --> It’s great to go 3/3 on the CFA. To be sure. But lets say the CIO or SVP of Investments went 3/8 and you’re going out of your way to suggest you’re better than someone who did NOT go 3/3. Think you’ll get a call back? Willy

I favor: Passed Level II of CFA Exam 2008 For people that don’t know what the CFA is, I think it sounds stronger to say what you’ve passed than what you are a candidate for. For people that do know what the CFA is, you’ve informed them that you have not failed the Level III exam without sounding like you are bragging about it.

Yeah but chances are he’s applying for jobs in the biz and the people who he’s interviewing under know [or should know] what CFA means. I would [again] just stick with “CFA Level III Candidate”. Willy

Thanks…well…at the moment…I am gonna be graduating in dec…so I am just gonna apply everywer (finance related)…so chances are there culd be people who might know…and people who might know…but from what i deduce after this discussion…i guess i’ll scrap the two previous levels and their years eh…?

If an interviewer (HR chicks/dudes included) doesn’t know what a CFA is and you’re a level 3 you probably don’t want the job.