Saturday Sound Off

Econ here! I’m just getting started.

have you done FSA yet?

Don’t waste too much time on Econ - its only 10% . . . and a fat book of readings

I’m a retaker, so none of this is foreign. Econ will be done today, FSA will start tomorrow. I just want to see where everyone is at.

I’m finishing up portfolio mgmt, and then review

In the middle of FSA… Plan on finishing up this weekend although I certainly will have to re-read some of the topics.

I’m sad to say I am too Ditchdigger . . .

It’s nothing to be ashamed of, that’s why the CFAI invented the December exam ;-). We’ll get this and be back on track with the rest of the pack.

did 5 hours of FSA today…yikes

FSA is really killing me … for the past week haven’t made any progress … this is slowing me down :frowning:

will be done with econ tomorrow and will murder FSA next week

done with econ quant and 1/2 fsa…