Scaramucci dumped by wife

The winning train doesn’t stop

lock her up.he can do better now

I’m not feeling the blonde hair brown eyebrow combo

What a great show of dedication and loyalty from the Mooch that he is willing to dump his whole family and feed his grandma to wolves to get this job.


There’s something going on with peoples’ eyebrows lately, I’m telling you.

I think all women under 35 need to have a meeting and figure out what they can do to sort out their eyebrows.

Because all women over 35 have the perfect eyebrows?

What’s wrong with our eyebrows?

Eyebrows are so damn weird to look at and think about

I think the problem lies in them being f u cked about with too much. it’s gone from overplucking to the opposite end of the spectrum where they paint these huge slugs on. There’s a happy medium there somewhere, perhaps just a semi regular tidy up.

I agree with you, but my impression was that guys dig thick eyebrows.

Like those hot iranian eyebrows

No. something like this…

thankfully im not yet so superficial that i observe womens eyebrows unless it’s really out there

i may start wearing a wristwatch though so who knows maybe the capitalist bourgeois machine is too strong to stop

Aaaaaaand he’s fired. Rip.