schweser book 6 2AM page 82-83

looking at the regression in the question. and this is page 82-83 and then the Q’s (13 thru 18) are on page 84… Basically the “beta” is 1.04, but to me it it looks like market model beta NOT capm beta. SORRY I ADDED THIS LINE LATER, SO IT DOESN’T FLOW PROPERLY, BUT THE IDEA IS SAME. the way the regression is described, is this not the market model? i.e. the regression is return vs. market return. but all the paragraphs before and after talk about CAPM and Beta and Q 13 corresponds to this being the beta for capm… even though i think the regression is actually market model. i think we had a thread maybe 6 weeks ago on something like this… maybe it was this question. i went ahead and assumed that the regression is really vs. (Rm - Rf) but i don’t feel good about it. any thoughts??.. thanks in advance!!