Schweser Exam 1 AM

Just scored 68% (82 out of 120). How did other people do? Is this good, considering that word is that Schweser exams are a bit harder than the real thing?

85% on this one a couple of days ago.


You should be fine. Tie up the loose ends. I would assume there are noticable areas for improvement and it is not 68% across the board? Plenty of time, you’re in good shape.

I got a 55% on this exam like 1.5 weeks ago. Last Sunday I did the full 6 hour practice (Exam 2 am and pm) and got 66% on both. As KJH says plenty of time to improve. Mihaz - enough already! You are killing all of our confidence with your consistently outrageous scores! :wink:

i scored a 67 on this one a week ago

is it safe to assume that this exam is more difficult than the actual exam? i thought the sample exams were a lot less complex.

Vol 1 is parity with the real exam. Vol 2 is harder than the real exam. Sample/Mock exams are the best indicator.




Just got a 64% on this one and didn’t do a full 2nd passthough, just wanted to see what I would get without having enough time to review the entire exam. Would have definitely caught some dumb mistakes the 2nd time through and probably broke 70%. I thought it was much harder than the sample exams, haven’t done the CFAI mocks yet.

71%… stupid mistakes kill me.

averaging mid to high 60s on the schweser exams. im happy with that, as i have a week to fix up my week areas…

i got 65 in the morning, 63 in the afternoon. i get 70s in ethics, 80s in econ, 70s in quant, 50s in the two sections that cover fsa/corpfin, asset valuation (is this all equity, fixed income, derivatives, alternative investments), alright on PM

I scored a 64 and a 60 on the PM. They get easier, especially if you review both your right and wrong answers. I think they make the first exams especially tough to wake people up. Lots of calculation and time burner questions on those exams, way more than you’ll find on the real thing I’d bet. This is by design IMO.