Schweser EXAM 3 AM

Is it just me or is paper rediculously difficult. I am half way through it and find it significantly harder than any of the other ones I have sat. Anyone else found this?

I gave it today… completely screwed my confidence As such FSA and Ethics are my weak areas… somehow I might have got only 25 confident corrects ( generally I get 35 odd)…still I was lucky enough to score 44/60… kind of lost motivation…now I dont care…let them fail me…their loss

I feel the same that FSA synthesis Q was bad enough then got onto the NPV one which I normally like and felt like just giving up!. My only cons0olidation was the FI was a lot easier… MAN, what a bit**

I found it difficult too. Scored 44/60 and 41/60 on the pm part. Did way better in the first two in book 6. Don’t give up. I felt lost in schweser exams in level 1 too but managed to nail the real thing.

see I think I’m gonna be somewhere arround 55% on this… This is after getting 70% average on the others!!!

mambo are you on Schweser volume 7? Is it worth doing them or start doing stalla?

I’ve got a lot of work to do on this last exam, it’s literally taken all the topics I thought i was okay at and tested them in so much detail it’s picked out all the holes in my knowledge, which I suppose is good but in answer to yo Q, I hope to have the last of book 6 done by tommorrow then am going to move on book seven hopefully on wednesday. Although You bring up an interesting point…

I agree that Book 6 Exam 3 was tough, especially AM. It picked at somewhat obscure details and definitely rattled my confidence. Considering I got a 75 on exam 2, two weeks before I took 3, I was let down =P I got a ~70 avg between 3AM/PM.

I am pretty much in situation similar to yours. Still not completed the AM exam as it checked so much of details that I literally need to review most topics. So, won’t think of doing book 7 but will jump to sample and mocks.

thank the lord someone said this… this test tore me a new one and shook my confidence so good on thursday night… I pretty much shut the books, grabbed a beer and then turned on the game for the first time in 4 months… ( know now is not the time to relax, but scoring like a 55 on a book 6 exam really got me rattled.

CFA dreams you are still doing well. I am not able to even manage 1/3rd. So something to cheer you up.

This exam was definitely difficult. I just finished it and got 45/60, but that score reflects lots of guessing.

Glad i’m not the only one, this test was way harder than 1 & 2. But at least it showed me some areas I need to work on.