Schweser Exam Book 2, exam #2, AM

Is it me? This test is incredibly hard. I have done 3 past CFA morning tests and 4 Schweser morning tests and haven’t seen anything like this. The questions are also frustratingly vague – very difficult to tell what they want sometimes.

I wish I had book 2

i try to stay away from book 2 after level 2. i remember doing exams in book 2 and i feel like they run out of material and just throw in confusing questions, it had really no benefit for me after doing book 1, it just confused me more on some subjects

I took the AM a little while ago, I think I scored in the low 60’s for the morning portion, which is one of, if not the, lowest scores I’ve gotten. I haven’t taken the afternoon yet though, those generally pull up my morning scores a bit.

I think Schweser is good for showing you what you don’t know. It’s not good at teaching how to master the subtleties of the morning exam.