Schweser Online Practice Exams.

Whomsoever subscribed to this- do we just get a login Id and Password and access from any internet connection and use it or there is something more to it? Thank you

That’s how I remember it from last year (Level I). You can either score-as-you-go or print out a form with all questions as a sort of booklet. To receive the answer sheet you have to fill in a form; your results are benchmarked against others in the ‘pool’ and presented as a histogram so you’ll know how you compare to others. You can only take a test once: when you have filled in all your answers, the questions are gone (unless you have printed them out on paper or on some virtual printer such as PDF995).

Thanks for that info. I guess then everybody prints them probably because it is otherwise not wise to lose all the questions after attempting them once. Anish