Schweser - Practice Exams - Book 6

For the people who have taken LI and have taken Schweser Book 6 practice exams, can you please comment on the comparability of those questions to the actual exam? I have taken the free CFAI 60 question exam and plan on taking both 120 question exam in the coming weeks…just wanted to get a feel for how well or how bad Schweser does in trying to mirror CFAI’s level of difficulty and quality of questions. Also, I realize this probably has no effect on how well I do on the exam. I just wanted to know just for my benefit and a little bit of self confidence…I have been scoring mid 70’s on the Book 6 mock exams…thanks!

you’re good. I spent 200 hours studying and only get around 60% correct.

Book 7 of SCHWESER is more like the real exam than Book 6 is.