Schweser Qbank

Hi guys, Are those questions in the Qbank all mixed up or divided by study sessions? Thanks

I think its divided by study sessions. Thats what I gather from other posts. I would like to know if there’s any other question bank freely available (may not be of the same standard as Qbank) on the net. I have yet to purchase my Schweser Qbank as I’m gathering funds to buy it. But in the meantime, if I can do some questions, it would help. Cheers

Q Bank is broken down all the way to each LOS. You can design exams by section, or you can do an LOS quiz for every LOS. So basically, you can design practice exams for different areas and lengths.

I am also looking for a Q Bank and read somewhere that Schewer is good. I am planning to first finish CFA material from CFA books and later refer to Q Bank after all is completed, Since CFA books would take up most of my time. Can you suggest if that would be the right approach. Bcos if I do both CFA material and Q Bank together it would make me very slow. Is Schewer Q Bank online that we can design or can we have a hard copy of it? Cheers

amitahuja, that was my strategy. i read all cfai books 1st, then started with qbank. then, if i got a qbank question wrong, i referred back to my cfai text. you can get an online or cd version. you can take the sample exams timed and online or you can print them out. you can also choose advanced, intermediate or basic questions. i like that is specifically breaks how well you did with each topic and subtopic.

I am using Schwerser Qbank. I am reviewing each LOS, working on quiz on each LOS and clicking on “Click to Mark LOS Incomplete” to track LOS/readings/sessions. Is it typical way you use Qbank? Are questions in “Talke LOS Quiz” basic? How do I get intermediate and advanced level questions? I am just focusing on reviewing all LOS topics and trying for questions. If I understand all the questions from Qbank, is it enough to get pass in exam? Appreciate your insight.

i’m taking the exam in dec07, so this is how i use it & there may be better ways that i am not aware of… 1) “browse questions” to review the LOS for specific topic. just browsing the questions will mix in advanced, intermediate, and basic questions. 2) go to “test management” and create an exam. from here you can totally customize what you want to review. select level of difficulty (at this point, i’m only doing advanced and intermediate quest), topics you want to cover, how long you want the exam to be (which will dictate the # of questions), etc. if you complete a bunch of exams, you can create a new exam just based on the questions you got incorrect in a previous exam. i don’t think just understanding the qbank questions is going to be enough to pass this exam. i think it’s a really good tool to solidifiy your studies and target your weaker areas, but i don’t think the questions are representative of the cfa exam questions. i hear the best way to be prepared for the actual exam is to do the cfai sample exams they offer for $50 a pop.

Xavier1, Thanks a lot for explaining on effectively using Qbank. I will try browse questions and will find how I am doing. Thanks Chinni