Schweser QBank

Hi all,

Just wanted any feedback on people who have done some of the Qbank questions for Level III closing in on first pass and wanted to do some questions that are likely a bit easier than what will be seen on the exams as it is still only end of February. How have people found the Qbank for Level III. Past experiences are welcome as well.


Ive been a big qbank fan for level 1 and 2. I’ve tried a few dozen qbank questions for level 3 and am surprised at how much easier they seem then 1 and 2. I’m quite sure I don’t know 70% of the material this early on, but that’s what I’ve been getting. It’s kind of concerning actually since there are so few questions in the bank for level 3.

I didn’t QBank all that useful for Level 3 because of the AM exam format. It’s different going from multiple choice to short answers in terms of coming up with an answer and putting pen to paper - it’s a skills you don’t get looking at a screen.

EOC questions in both CFAI and Schweser books - short of going to the mock exams - should be pretty comprehensive.

Level 3 passer here.

Personally, I found QBank to be very helpful–even at Level 3. It forces you to at least think about your answer, and it makes your brain work better than just passive reading.

True, it doesn’t really prepare you for the morning session, but if you’re scoring well in the QBank, then that means you know the material. And knowing the material is the first step to mastering the essay portion.

I really liked qbank for ethics, GIPS and the Asset Manager Code. some of the topics you just have to memorize work well with qbank