Schweser Video CD - Great for overview

I picked up Schweser Video CDs from eBay. Watched the beginning, and was happy to see Andrew Holmes. Love Andrew’s style and delivery. I think for 2011 Schweser has changed its strategy and is using various professors for different study sessions, which is good. They are great for an overview as well as a review for retakers.

how much did you pay? i ended up getting $80 for my set. Andy Holmes is the BEST! He cracks funny jokes and teaches in a style that keeps your attention the entire time. I saw him in Chicago last year for L2 live review and really enjoyed his class.

If you paid $80 for the 2011 version, it is probably pirated and could get you into trouble. At this stage of the game, it is not wise to take chances. I paid $250 for the original 2011 set with workbooks. It was brand new and workbooks were not even opened yet. I think Schweser retails it for $400 as an add-on to the Essentials package.

and there is a difference between you buying it from someone else (other than original provider) and him buying from Ebay - ethics wise?

I don’t thing there is any ethical issue if an original copy is being purchased from eBay or the provider. People sell their used Schweser books, Workbooks, Video CDs, etc. all the time on eBay. However, if a pirated copy is being purchased, the buyer and the seller are both breaking the law and ethical boundaries as well.

So the 2011 CFA Level 3 CD doesn’t have Greg Filbek for all the study sessions? Thanks

I’ve watched almost all of the Level 3 2011 lectures so far (I haven’t watched SS 1-2, 16-18) and it’s mostly Greg Filbeck. There are a few lectures with Marc LeFebvre, and I think Andrew Holmes does the ethics section.

Marc LeFervre is also good. With Greg, the problem is he reads the slides instead of explaining the concepts- at least in 2010 CDs.

Andrew is the man. Born to teach

I used Schweser videos for 2010. It was entirely Greg Filbeck…and i dint find it very interesting…has anyone gone through the entire 2011 video series…i mean atleast know who is covering which study sessions…i have 2010 video series…was wondering how different will 2011 be compared to 2010.

I have gone through all of the 2011 now and also saw 2010 last year. This year its Andrew Holmes for ethics and some other sessions, Marc LeFebvre for some other sections and Greg Filbeck for remaining sessions. Found 2011 to be a lot more useful than 2010.

Does anybody know who is doing the weekly online classes?

Dr. Bruce Kuhlman. He has taught it for close to 10 years now. Here is decent.

I used them for Level I & II, and it got me here so I’m happy. Currently I went through the entire 2010 Greg is not bad but gets pretty boring. For the right price I’d consider the 2011 any more info? What does Marc LeFebvre cover? (Probably Equity, Possible Alt A) I thought he did a great job on Level II What does Andrew Holmes cover? (Probably Ethics & Derivatives) Talks very fast but his Derivatives lecture helped me a bunch in L2.

As many of you mentioned that Video series is great to kick start and review but then be cautious and not make mistake I made in 2008 where i kept on watching the videos because they were convenient and no effort to watch them… forgot about the Essay exam practice till it was too late and failed…

I am hooked to Andrew Holmes videos! Charismatic guy

I thought Andrew Holmes only did 1 and 2. What sections is he knowledgeable about or cover for level 3?