Schweser Vol 2 mocks vs QBank

If you have attempted Schweser Vol 2 mocks - would you recommend to forgo the 3 exams for the equivalent time spent on Q-bank? Or is Vol 2 a better preparation? Given the time, I am contemplating between the two, as I have noticed many candidates complain that Vol 2 is too calculation-intensive and are not really reflective of the real exam (although they are good for practice). On the other hand, some Q-Bank questions seem too easy given the sheer high number of questions available. Appreciate your thoughts.

I have not started the Schweser mocks yet. I think the QBank questions are too easy. ie. I’m scoring 88-90 on equities in QBank, I made a 50 something on the CFAI mock on equities.

Q-Bank AND Volume 2 are calculation intensive.

you jabonirs better get your butts in gear this week, it’s do or die, or ride or die if youre a g

Anyone else tried Vol 2?

I passed level 1 in June and seriously recommend volume 2 over Q-bank. obviously it depends on your study style thus far - I did Qbank questions every week of studying, then hit it hard with the two volumes of practice exams in the last month. If you haven’t done Qbank at all, it’s good practice, but way too easy. volume 2 is very difficult but it gets you truly prepared once you review your mistakes and perhaps even redo the exams.

Definately do volume 2 over Q bank.

Thanks guys, appreciate your input.