Schweser vs CFA notes

I know the comparision will boil down to verbose vs concise. But how good is schweser by trying to be concise? I am taking the exam this december and so far completed quants and the first study session in Economics. Is 3 months from now enough to pass the exam ( not that I could change the dates now … just want to know). Also would schweser notes give me more chance than CFA notes? I do not have much background in Finance.

search function is your friend but yes 3 months is enough time using Schweser. I got through all of Schweser twice and did all the qbank and Schweser questions. get started!

CFA too VERBOSE!!! SCHWESER NOTES + VIDEOS = Better!!! I’m thinking on getting to qbanks, but it’s too expensive…

houston_08, I’m on a similar timeframe as the poster and am currently going through Schweser for the December exam. Would you be willing to share your schedule of how you finished schweser twice and completed all practice exams and qbank questions in 3 months because I’m trying to follow a similar plan.

dudeinthecity email me at brian.rossman at hotmail dot com and I will help you out.

Get qbank. Lots of pracrice qs, the ability to do topics, readings, chapters, los etc is absolutely invaluable IMHO. End of.

BrianR, I just emailed you, let me know if you get my email… if not here you can email me at perea.cesar at gmail dot com You are the man!!! Thanks