Schweser's Do-It Yourself LOS cards

Schweser is not doing these again this year! I thought they were really helpful at L2. Since little changed at L3 from last year, anybody have these card from last year that they did not use and would like to sell? That is, of course, if they even had them for L3 last year. Thanks.

they did have them for last year …however they might not be as useful as a lot of LOS’s have been moved around .

I have them if you are interested. I thought they were useless so never used them. you can have mine for the shipping cost (which will probably be $5 at book rate) plus $5 to compensate for me having to walk to the PO. email me at if you are interested. As i mentioned before, I also have all schweser level three study notes in great condition (no writing or highlights), study exams books 1 and 2 (never used), and the Schweser flash cards (good condition).

thanks! I have a friend who also found the L2 do-it yourself los cards useful. Anybody else willing to part with the unused schweser product?